EUnited We Code

Digital skills and social inclusion: the end of the EUnited We Code Project!

Monday, 14 October 2019

A year ago,, BeCode, Factoria F5, Simplon Romania and POUR LA SOLIDARITE-PLS met in Barcelona and decided to join their forces to optimize the Simplon’s inclusive learning methodology which aims to make digital technology a lever for social inclusion. 

The last meeting of the EUnited We Code project will take place in Paris on October 29th 2019. An opportunity to take stock of this year spent together and also to discuss the future collaboration. 

Over the months, one observation has emerged: in order to consolidate the "Simplon method", it is necessary to strengthen the recruitment process for trainers from Simplon factories. As a result, the partners have put in place three tools to make this process more fluid and efficient:

  1. A recruitment toolkit in three steps: attract the candidate, evaluate the candidate, welcome the candidate in the structure. This guide includes tips, examples of job offers, a perfect function profil, a guide to conduct an interview, etc.  
  2. A mobility programme that allows trainers to exchange methodological and pedagogical elements and to acquire experience in other Simplon factories in Europe.
  3. An online platform open to all Simplon factories which offers the possibility to trainers to ask questions when they have questions or a specific problem and find a relevant, practical and effective response.  

These tools will be theorized and finalized at the meeting in Paris and will then be presented to the Simplon factory teams.

If you are interested in the project, the methodology developed or the activities of the factories, you can contact!